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Fixing the NJ Student Debt Crisis

The U.S. has more than $1.3 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, and over 40 million Americans are carrying student loan debt. Not only does this place a tremendous financial burden on students, it’s a drag on the economy as a whole.

Attending college is less an option and more a necessity in today's world, with most high school students going on to attend. But many who graduate with college degrees will have incurred crushing debt. The average debt per college graduate at $37,000. New Jersey must find ways to make college education affordable again if we are to maintain a highly skilled workforce drawn from a diverse population.

Please see video: Attn: College Cost

Our elected representatives must start investing in our society’s future. New Jersey can accomplish this in three ways:

I. Reduce Waste. All higher learning public educational institutions (Rutgers, NJCU, etc.) must undergo an efficiency evaluation to eliminate financial waste, redundancy, and non-essential staffing and materials; increasing efficiency.
II. New Jersey must make available more grants and interest free loans to our residents.
III. Impose a stricter tuition cap on public colleges and universities.

During this past election season, presidential candidates proposed free public college tuition. The idea of free tuition is not new. In the United States, until the 1970s, California and some other states were able to provide their residents with a virtually free or affordable public college education. Moreover, several countries have a free tuition policy for public institutions. The obstacles are not insurmountable. If governments would step up to cover most of the operational cost for state colleges and universities, the affordability problem would be largely solved.

We can tackle these issues if we work together. On June 6th, Vote G3 Christopher Munoz.

As we continue to take our Democratic message door to door canvassing the neighborhoods of Bayonne and Jersey City- the Momentum is on our side- But with a month to go before Election Day, we must pick up the pace in order to defeat the Hudson County machine on Tuesday June 6th.

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