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NJ Auto Insurance: The Highest in the Nation

For the fifth consecutive year, New Jersey motorists paid the highest car insurance premiums in the nation, according to a new report by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

New Jersey drivers forked over an average of $1,263 per car in 2014, that’s $106 more than they paid in 2011. But it wasn't that long ago when New Jerseyans received a reduction in car insurance rates thanks to regulatory changes made in 2003 during Gov. Jim McGreevey's term. Among the changes, the state phased-out the requirement that insurance companies "must take all comers" regardless of risk, and committed to expediting requests for rate increases. Competition grew. There are 82 companies writing policies in the state, up from 63 since the beginning of Gov. Chris Christie's first term in 2010.

How can we as a state drive down cost?

I.  We can forster an environment that is conducive to business success in the State of New Jersey which will create competition and still be able to safe guard NJ Driver’s interest.
II.  Eliminate the Zip Code requirement. According to car insurers NJ is classified as an “Urban” state, regardless if you live in a rural or surban area. It may not be lawful to charge a person more for insurance because of race or ethnicity, but you can essentially get the same result by charging predominantly minority neighborhoods more; even if it's not intentional, the effect is the same.
III.  Accident/Driving forgiveness by legislation. Why not propose no insurance policy in the State of New Jersey can be increased because one infraction in a 5 year period.
IV. Notification by legislation. Why not propose that car insurances must notify the customer when they are entitled to a rate reduction.

We can tackle these issues if we work together. On June 6th, Vote G3 Christopher Munoz.

As we continue to take our Democratic message door to door canvassing the neighborhoods of Bayonne and Jersey City- the Momentum is on our side- But with a month to go before Election Day, we must pick up the pace in order to defeat the Hudson County machine on Tuesday June 6th.

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Sources: NJ.Com and National Association of Insurance Commissioners

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