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Platform Issues

Property Taxes
In Bayonne, we can ensure that we keep local property taxes down by fighting for our full educational funding from the state. In addition, ensuring municipal government eliminates wasteful spending and limiting tax abatements and PILOTs.

Championing free, public education for all our children and fighting for the quality schools they deserve.

Charter Schools
Charter schools have become a divisive force in many communities. I am opposed to the expansion of charter schools. We must fund our traditional public schools. Charters have no place in Bayonne with our exceptional and changing school district.

Standardized Testing
I am against any standardized testing that take away from instructional time in the classroom. I will fight to ensure that PARCC is eliminated as a graduation requirement in New Jersey. 

There is nothing wrong with the current funding formula in the state of New Jersey. We must fully fund the current formula. We must ensure that corporations and millionaires are paying their fair share. 

Common Core
Common Core is still in NJ. Common Core standards have just been renamed NJ Student Learning Standards . We must allow our educators to set academic standards, not politicians. 

NJ is asking more of our educators than ever before, preparing our kids for a competitive economy, staying staying on top of new pedagogies, and filling gaps that we as a country have neglected.

Superintendent Search
Our Interim Superintendent Dr. Wanko has been brought into the district to right the ship and put us on the right heading. Under his direction, we will prosper. 
But sadly, Dr. Wanko can only be here for a period of 2 years. We need to conduct a Nationwide Search to find the most qualified applicant to lead the Bayonne Public Schools 
for years to come. This is a top priority and the newly elected trustees from this election cycle will have an influence on this decision. 
We need to ensure the best qualified people get on the board to find the best qualified superintendent for the future.

No Politics

In 2015, the Teachers, Parents, Community Advocates, and Citizens rose together in a single voice to take our schools back. 
All candidates should be non-partisan candidates with no political affiliations or outside influences by currently elected officials. 
I say no to politics, not in our schools!



Committee to Elect Christopher Munoz for BBOED
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