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An Open Letter from a Parent & Community Member

Dear Friends:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 is a very important election. We are voting on several different seats for the state and county as well as the Bayonne Board of Education. I am not making any suggestions on who you should vote for I am just telling you about someone that is running for the board of education that I consider my friend. There are three seats up for election.

Christopher Munoz is a hard working family man. He is a teacher in Hoboken, NJ. He was educated in the Bayonne public school system. He and his wife are residing in Bayonne and their children attend Bayonne public schools. Chris is a man of great integrity. Votes his conscience. Is always fighting for what is right for the people, the students, and the teachers. He is very dedicated to what he puts his mind to. It is very important that we re-elect Christopher to the board of education. When he is voting on issues for our children he is trying to make sure his vote is not only for current time but also for the future of our schools. He is sincere and honest and he is an asset to the board of education. This is why I am voting for Christopher Munoz.His ballot position is 9J.

I am not telling any one of you who you should vote for but I really feel he is the best choice. Chris has no hidden agenda. He doesn't have conflicts of interest and he doesn't have anyone financially backing him politically such as other people who are running for the same seats and do have an agenda for others. This is why we have an elected board as the people voted for. This was to keep the politicians out of the Bayonne Board of Education and all the favors and votes that took place in the past and so it would stop all the nepotism and so on.

By not electing Chris, this is exactly what will continue to take place all over again.

Thank you for reading my letter and please don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. The polls are open from 6am until 8pm.

Cherie La Pelusa

Committee to Elect Christopher Munoz for BBOED
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