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Finnerty supports Munoz, Lawandy

I am writing this letter as a private citizen. My opinions do not reflect those of a trustee of the Bayonne Board of Education but rather those of a very involved and concerned citizen. The Board of Education election of 2015 was indeed a momentous one. After 37 years, the citizens of this city had the opportunity to vote for the members of the BOE. Try to remember that the purpose of having an elected board is to keep politics out of the Board election process. With any political support, invariably some cronyism will eventually find its way into the board room. Please seriously consider who you vote for this Tuesday, November 7th.

In addition, please consider some of my thoughts about this current board. Firstly, the learning curve of being a trustee is a steep one. The board must adhere to procedures and protocols set by the New Jersey School Boards Association. Indeed, a trustee Is required to attend conferences that concern board procedures. Many, many hours need to be spent researching regulations and policies. This board has only been working together as a cohesive group for less than two years. I believe that changing any member of the school board this Tuesday is going backwards. Although there are three positions open only one needs to be filled. Ted Garelick has resigned his position as trustee and only his position should be filled. I believe that this board needs to remain intact.

Many of the candidates who are seeking election do share the same concerns and goals for our district that our current trustees have, however all lack the experience and knowledge that Mikel Lawandy and Chris Munoz have. Both need to be re-elected to maintain the stability of this current board. Their knowledge and dedication are non-parallel. The board is a cohesive group, a family of stakeholders who genuinely care about the future of this school district. We know that we have a number of very serious problems that have to be addressed in the near future. We need dedicated and experienced members such as Chris Munoz and Mike Lawandy.

Finally, this does need to be repeated, we do not need to politicize this board. Politics have no place at all on any Board of Education.

The board has faced many challenges in the less than two years it has been in existence. Some major challenges that the board has faced include inheriting a major budgetary crisis, trying to settle a fair contract for our more than dedicated teachers with limited funds, hiring an Interim Superintendent who has the vision of excellent education for all students in this district. This board is quite a diverse group of people and each board member brings his or her own “expertise” to the table. We need the expertise of both Chris Munoz and Mike Lawandy.

I implore you to vote for Mike Lawandy 7J and Chris Munoz 9J on Tuesday November 7th

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Committee to Elect Christopher Munoz for BBOED
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