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Munoz wants you to Vote

I am a father, a tax payer, a teacher, and a board member.
I was so honored to be elected by this community in 2015. To have the faith and support of people is an overwhelming and humbling experience and I am asking this community to trust me again.
I have accomplished every goal I have set for myself in my first term and we need to accomplish more.

I voted No for teacher layoffs because I didn’t believe losing educators was the answer to a problem that this board did not create.
This is a very important election, not to be taken lightly.
The new Superintendent that will shape this district’s direction for the next 10-15 years will be selected by people that you select in this election.

  • We have to maintain financial stability for the district.
  • We have to settle a teacher’s contract.
  • We have to change our mindset from a fixed to a growth mindset.
  • We have to keep to this board free from outside influence from all sides. This board should remain independent the way the people chose to make it. We all have to play nice in the sand box but 630 Avenue C nor should 836 Broadway have any influence on this board.

I’ll say it again, this board was chosen by the people, controlled by the people, and it should remain that way. No voting blocks and no outside influence.

On Tuesday, Nov. 7th, I am asking you to Vote 9J Christopher Munoz.

Thank You

Committee to Elect Christopher Munoz for BBOED
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