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Trustee Mary Jane Desmond calls for Munoz Reelection

Trustee Demond writes, “I am very proud to support Christopher Munoz for Re-election. He has proven himself a very valuable, integral member of the trustees and passionate advocate for our children, teachers and taxpayers. It's a privilege to serve our community along side this gentleman. He pushed for greater use of technology and software to keep trustees, parents, teachers and students informed and engaged in a timely manner. He spoke out vehemently AGAINST mass layoffs and his voting record validates this. He continues to fight for adequate funding, appropriate levels of staffing and compensation and holds a hard line on spending; a balance not easily accomplished and remains flexible in his thinking when circumstances warrant a re-prioritzing of resources and goals. He comes to every meeting prepared, knowledgeable and ready to work. He's a realist with a strong bent towards the ideal!

He is intelligent, passionate and empathetic and a lively debator. He's a guy you want watching out for you and yours! He belongs at the table!”

Mary Jane Desmond

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Committee to Elect Christopher Munoz for BBOED
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